Handmade Jewelry to energize the soul.
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About Sakti

Sakti is a Balinese Hindu word that means “Empowerment".

Sakti Jewelry is a brand designed to inspire women, traditional artists and people from all walks of life to step into their power and reach for their dreams.

Our handcrafted jewelry is an expression of traditional craftsmanship and cross cultural inspiration.

Each detail is lovingly handmade by local Balinese artists under fair-trade conditions.  

We support the Bali Life Foundation and the work they're doing to get women and children off the streets, into school and empowered to create a brighter future.

10% of your purchase is donated to their cause.

Our efforts to run a globally conscious company include our charity donations to the Bali Life Foundation, our use of recycled silver as well as fair-trade conditions for our Balinese artists.

From our heart to yours, Sakti Jewelry.